Why Motivation Never Worked for Me

Motivational Videos and quotes never worked for me until I was in the dark space of the Past. Until I lived in a time zone where I was an unmarried, ambitious, free bird doing things my way. I always heard motivational videos and felt more depressed later on thinking, I was a lost cause and these videos had no impact on me.

Such is the situation when one is depressed and cannot figure out what needs to be done of life. I Interviewed almost 150 depressed people and found out, how motivation didn’t work for them either. Going into depth I got o know that all Motivational videos do is spread Toxi Positivity. They ask us to be happy and choose happiness as if we were choosing unhappiness and hurt consciously. Motivation doesn’t tap into subconscious mind and does not work on your own personal experiences which are different for different people.

Untill, the hurt and pain is removed from root, which lies in the depth of subconscious mind, an external motivation to see good in any situation cannot work. The toxic Positivity makes you feel guilty for looking at the bad side of life and ignoring good side. Whereas the truth is, thoughts that erupt from subconscious mind are always out of our hands. No body has ever been able to consciously go ahead with healing memories buried in sub conscious mind. Thus Instructions given to conscious mind to be happy and start working on dreams doesn’t work because conscious mind eventually listens to subconscious mind.

Although all this mind thing might feel overwhelming for you. Let me tell you, motivation works only and only if you have healed yourself and are already on the path of achieving your dreams and goals. If you don’t have any direction in your life then motivation cannot give you direction, nor clarity of mind.

If you aspire to be a Motivational Speaker, go through Personal Transformation by healing your past and embracing your Present, and then use your story to motivate people. A Wounded man can hardly heal any other Wounded Man.

Viddya Ragotra

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