When do people tend to yell at others

When is the last time you yelled at someone? Do you remember why you did that? Not because that someone was deaf. Not because that someone did not listen to what you said.You yelled because you didn’t feel you were heard.What to do in such cases? Whenever you feel, you are not getting a response for what you are saying, try saying the same thing in a very low voice with eye contact. Such communication is more powerful than yelling and doesn’t invite any permanent damage to relationship.I understand it’s difficult when sometimes anger builds up and comes out like a hot volcano and there is nothing you feel you can do about it. Now that you have read this, i am sure your conscious mind is aware what to do next time when you feel like yelling. Now you have been bought to notice why you do what you do and you will definitely try this new strategy of lowering your voice with intense eye contact and get a different result.

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