What’s the Difference between Coaching, Counselling and Therapies

Counselling focuses on working on your Past experiences that cloud your vision and make it impossible for you to be happy in Present. Counselling focuses on listening to your issues Patiently and and asking you right questions to tap into your memory and find out what thoughts are connecting to previous incidents.

Therapies help you in getting out of all the negative emotions and feelings that you have experienced till now and have suppressed in your heart thus affecting your health. Therapies help you get out of all the negative memories, emotions, feelings thus scrubbing any reference in your brain to old painful memories and giving you a perspective to deal with future unforeseen events in your life with a fresh approach and problem solving skills.

Life coaching works from Now to Future. Life coaching does not focus on Past. Here a Coach works on your Present issues. Works on your beliefs and value system and default thought pattern and gives you a brand new pattern of thoughts, strategies, workable plans according to your own style of working, thinking and feeling. A Solution that fits well for you, your family, your loved ones and your environment. Any counselling, therapy is incomplete without Life coaching and Life Coaching is incomplete without working and healing your past and mending issues with your important relationships in your life.

I have combined counselling, therapies and life coaching to give you 360 degree benefit of life.

Join me to transform yourself into Diva you always wanted to be.

Viddya Ragotra

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