What to do when someone interferes in marriage

If somebody is interfering in your relationship, how do you plan to handle it without hurting any of the relationship?

Well, there is always a soft way and a hard way to handle any situation. Its an acquirable skill.In this scenario, all you got to do is express your love for your partner in front of that other person also who you think is interfering in your relationship negatively.

When the other person gets to know that, you do love and respect your spouse then that person stops deriving pleasure out of your disturbed relationship and stops disturbing.This is applicable to all those newly weds who constantly feel interference of extended family in their relationship.

Key is to genuinely love and respect the partner which is easily visible to others. False respect in front of others get caught easily. So find reasons to genuinely love and respect your partner. Remember you both are a team and no other person can come in between your pure relationship if you both are on one side.At Parivvartan, we save marital relationship before the situation reaches divorce stage. And if situation reaches divorce stage then we help you sail through the entire process positively and move on with zero emotional baggage.

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