What to do when someone in your family threatens you

Is anyone in your Family threatening to leave you?Is there any kind of threat that you feel would happen if you speak your mind?Well, often the fear is in mind and manifests only when we contemplate on it enough for it to come true. Now you might think that last time you didn’t think that person would leave you but left so now you are fearful. Yes, its true it happened once. So how many things in your life has happened once and have repeated itself over and over again? How many times?Count and note. I am sure the number would not exceed 3 to 5. Ok 6? Some of you must be like…urghh 15!!Fair enough. Think how you can react differently this time to this repetitive event. If someone is threatening you to leave and left once, twice..how did you react? Note down. Now what is the opposite of that feeling? Note downNow find a reason, how you can have this opposite state of mind even when person leaves you.Cause the underlying truth is : The person left you and came back last 2 times, 4 times or 15 times if I were to exaggerate the way our mind exaggerates everything. So this time 100% chances are that the person is going to take same route. Bingo.You take a different route. Find a reason to be happy, peaceful, content in that persons absence so that the period in between becomes joyfulIf you find yourself incapable of doing above exercise, then let me know in comments below or DM if you feel uncomfortable sharing in comments.We can get on a quick 20 min call to discuss the same and get you out of fear !!

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