WHAT to do when someone in your family puts you down

When someone in your Family Puts you down in front of others,Take deep breaths, step back, look at the situation as if you are watching from far distance, look at the other person as a character in story and look at yourself too in the scene from distance. Now see the other person putting another person down.Are you getting affected. Do you still feel the other person is wrong? Chances are “No”If yes – then take a few breaths, and tell in firm and low pitch that “You being close family to me, i expect you to motivate me because I derive inspiration from you”This statement alone, makes the other person realize their important position in the family and the responsibility they hold. Sometime people in flow of emotions forget what position they are in and tend to put others down because they were put down by their family members in their past.They really don’t know any other way to react.

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