Waiting for Others to Change?

Waiting for others to change?🕞

Waiting for things to get better?🕠

Then Probably you are just wasting time🕡

I’ve met more than thousand ladies who regret waiting to restart their career and make their own identity and find a space under the sun🕢Why do they think that way if they did all this for others eventually?

It means it was never the reason.🕗They also realise it and eventually feel they wasted time. They could have done so many more things while taking others responsibilities.🌕

Serving others is not forbidden. But ignoring self and serving others definitely leads to burn out🌗To all the ladies, who still think they are doing a great sacrifice for their family by crushing their dreams, its just a matter of time you will realise, you could have done much more 🌔

Because the day you will start working, you will realise your Potential and Stamina to handle multitude of things and will regret underestimating your own power.🌞Its never to late to find your own space in this chaos. Ots never too late to begin.🌝

I met 63 year old Pretty Girl yesterday who is launching a new business.Is that bit too much to believe? I dont think so🙂Be the Change you want to see in others!!!🏕

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