Unpleasant to Enjoyable

When you focus on long lasting relationships, unpleasant experiences become pleasantWhen you think of any relationships, come out of limiting belief that familiarity breeds contempt. Long term relationships have the advantage of going through ups and downs together.In hurdles when we think of quitting, it is these relationships that keep us going on.

As Rome was not built in a day, similarly happiness, joy of life is the gathered effort of years that come together when a couple sticks together in ups and downs of life. I was compelled to make this video given the scenario of breakups that youngsters are going through again and again.

Its creating scars on heart and leading to relationships full of anxiety and fear. There is distrust piling up thinking other person might leave any time for no reason or for better prospect.To come out of that fear, start with a fresh belief that you are in it forever and other person is also in it forever. Cause belief leads to reality.

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