The best time for new beginnings is NOW

I will wait for things to get better

I will wait until I lose weightI will wait until my exams get overI will wait until vacations finishI will wait until I earn enoughI will wait until I get a new Job

The only common thing in above statements is “I will wait”. Which means Procrastination.Its said, the right time to do was 10 years back. Nonetheless now you know you can start now.Procrastination is nothing but lack of courage to go out of comfort zone and explore new things.

New Surprises, New Hurdles, New Wins, New losses. By Postponing certain things, things don’t get done. Things get done only when you take action in Present.Take Action NOW. Now is the only Right time.Tere was never a right time before and there is never going to be any right time in future.

The Right time was always “Now”Its because you avoided all “Now” in the Past – You reached here. Now procrastinating and wasting “Now” isn’t going to take any far either. Take action “Now”. I see you, I hear you and I feel you. Ive been through this uncomfort and I know how difficult it is to embrace our fears and anxieties and Panic.Yet, do it Now. Whatever it is, you are avoiding. Do it now. Whatever you are feeling isn’t as close to what Bhagat singh felt when he was executed. So do the right thing.

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