Terms of use

This section concerns terms and conditions that Parivartan asks visitors of this website to agree to before having to avail services offered on this website. As a visitor, if you disagree with terms and conditions of this website, you must not look forward to using this website and availing any services offered on it.

License to use this website:

Parivartan and its licensors own all intellectual property rights for the material available on the website. All these intellectual property rights are reserved. You are allowed to view the material, to download the material for learning purpose, to have pages on this websiteprinted for your personal use.

You are not allowed to republish the material posted on this website under any circumstances, to sell or rent the material under sub-licensing, to duplicate the copy from this material for commercial purpose, to tamper with the material or modify it in any way, to redistribute the material. You can, however, redistribute the material that is specifically created for redistribution.

Acceptable use:

We appreciate your visit on this website, but we abhor activities such as visiting the website to intentionally cause harm or damage to the website. You are not allowed to engage in activities on this website that can hamper the accessibility and availability of this website.

Any sort of illegal, scandalous, unlawful, and harmful activity is not forgivable and a punitive action will be taken against the one found guilty.

This website must not be used to store, copy, send, republish, or redistribute the material available on this website, especially the material that contains computer virus, rootkit, Trojan horse, or link to any computer software that can potentially contain virus.

You must not use this website for data collection activities, whether systematic or automated, as long as you do not have a written permission from Parivartan to do so. Also, any sort of commercial communication existing one this website without the consent of Parivartan will be blocked forthwith.

Limitations of liability:

By law, Parivartan is not liable to visitors to repay the amount in case visitors purchase any product or service through the links or ads posted on this website. We request you to probe into the company or service providers before having to purchase anything from them.

Parivartan is not responsible for any loss that you may sustain. We also request you to utilise resources handy to know more about the company the advertisement of which you view on this website. Even after probing into the company or service providers, if you sustain any monetary or data loss, Parivartan is still not liable to restore that amount to you.


If any terms and conditions presented above is unreasonable to you, you must not use this website. As acknowledged earlier, we appreciate your visit, but we also aim to have straightforward deal with you. We do not want that you come across any sort of trouble in any way, and that is exactly why we prefer to clarify everything beforehand over handling visitors’ complaints and grievances on numerous issues.

We hope that you have now agreed to terms and conditions and will not involve Parivartan, its counselling group partners, employees, and officers in the loss you may incur. This is mainly to protect the interest of group partners, employees, officers that consistently and diligently work  hard to offer you the best services.

Flouting these terms and conditions:

Parivartan has laid down terms and conditions that both visitors and providers on this website must agree to. Now that Parivartan has clarified terms and conditions in advance, the firm is entitled to conduct a sternly punitive action against those that flout rules and regulations.

We have an inalienable right to suspend you access to this website, to block your computer through IP address, to contact your internet service provider so that he can block your access to the website, and to conduct a much more serious action.

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