Some Friendships give Anxiety

Some friendships are a reason for discomfort in lifeSome friendships suck out the energy out of you

Some friendships make you feel disturbed all day after having a conversation Some friendships give rise to battle in your mind regarding your valuesSome friendships make you do things you wouldn’t do otherwise if put in a different set of people

Some friendships feel like a headache when it comes to saying NoSome friendships are full of expectations upto a point that they suffocateAre you going through one such Friendship Relationship?

80% of the time Karna was not inclined with Duryodhanas plans. Like he didn’t like the idea of killing kunti mata by putting house on fire in varnavrat. He also didn’t like the idea of exploiting citizens of hastinapur when they wanted to go to indraprastha. He didn’t like the idea of killing someone who is without weapons. Yet he succumbed to his association and out of his value for Identity and Respect he did all that it took to gain trust of his friend. He valued a friendship which was giving him anxiety half the time.

Drawing boundaries is a skill that can be acquired once you know what are your subconscious values. Else consciously we think our values are loyalty for friendship but subconsciously our values are honesty.Finding the difference is all that it makes sense. Conscious mind always says different things than what subconscious mind says.

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