Relationship Counselling

The importance of relationships is a major part of our lives. Humans are naturally drawn to form an emotional bond with those around us. The stronger the bond to the individual, the stronger the sense of connection with this person. The relationship may have a positive or negative impact on our lives. The consequences of these strong relationships will eventually get into our personal lives regardless of whether they are positive or negative. The people who cannot manage the pain they feel from a toxic relationship are plagued by a variety of issues. As time passes, the untreated trauma becomes permanently ingrained in the person’s life and makes it difficult to go back to normal psychological functioning.
Parivartan is a program that aims mostly to enhance the mental wellbeing of people who have gone through or are suffering from relationships trauma. These people must share the emotions they feel inside since they’ll carry the pain for a long duration if they don’t do so. Counselors at Parivartan assist individuals in overcoming the long-standing trauma they’ve been carrying for a long time.
They listen to those suffering from relationships issues and suggest the right activities to aid the process of healing. These traumas are often misconstrued as normal phenomenon or as “its-just-life-going-on” phase. However, they’re much more severe than those. The traumas they suffer can negatively impact the quality of life for an individual and leave scars that remain an individual in a state of constant nightmare thoughts.
Parivartan feels it is their duty to positively change those who struggle with relationship issues and have no solution. The relationship issues won’t exist once you’ve become a member of us.

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