Refund And Return

As a user of Parivvartan’s services, you are required to go through and agree with refund and cancellation policies as follows:

Cancellation policy:

You cannot cancel the plan once you opt for services. However, we will probe into the issue and provide you with another counsellor or with better services if you are in any way displeased with current services.

Refund policy:

You will be given the full refund only when Parivvartan fails to provide you a counsellor within five working days of Payment Confirmation.

Following are situations in which Parivartan is not liable to refund your amount:

• If you ask us to refund your amount for no unaccountable reason after the payment is made, then we are not liable to refund your amount. You need to make sure that you are actually in need of therapy before having to book a counsellor with us.

• If you are displeased with or unsatisfied with current services or counsellor, your amount will not be refunded. However, we will consider all your valid points and probe into the issue to root out the main problem.

• If you informs us of inadequate counselling or any other kind of issue after the end of the session, you will not be refunded the amount. You need to make sure that you understand whether the counselling is going well or not. In case you want to continue services but with another counsellor after the session is over, you will have to pay again for the new package because the package you already paid for is over.

That Amount will not be refunded if you fail to attend the sessions or discontinue in between

• If the counsellor insists on rescheduling the session timings, which is not convenient to you, then you can further coordinate with the counsellor and come up with a session time that is convenient to both of you. No refund will be initiated on account of timing issue. 

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