Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday

If you are a Procrastinator which I am sure, there is nothing called a Procrastinator and it’s just a label one gives to others and ourselves.

You know why?

Because People who procrastinate things, do under when there is no sense of urgency in the task and no sense of responsibility attached to it. In a deeper sense when their life is not at stake, they procrastinate.Take the example of Thirst. How long can you avoid drinking water while being thirsty. The Same is with Hunger.

How long can you procrastinate?

Eventually, you give in. So if you are not procrastinating things that has life attached to it, you can apply same formula to things that you are procrastinating.Attach your life with the task. Identify what is it that you are losing by not doing the task and what is it that you are not losing by not doing the task. you will understand your priorities.

And as I always say – Awareness is the keyOnce you know, what you are gaining and losing by procrastinating, you will wire your brain to procrastinate the task further or stop procrastinating. Whatever you decide to do now will be a conscious choice.Now after doing this exercise you cannot say that I fall prey to this Procrastinating Habit of mine because now, your conscious mind knows what you are doing and why you are doing and why you are not doing what you are wanting to do.

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