People = Fruit Basket

People with different natures and different tastes create a wonderful combination like Fruit basket

.Every fruit has its own flavor. Similarly every person has his own nature, own world, own upbringing and own environment where its been bought up.Nurturing style is different and end result as a fruit is different

How can we on earth expect everybody to be like us?Intelligence is in finding people who are like us and may be like the one who you want to become.If you are a Pomegranate person, there is absolutely No need to hang out with Grape person. Don’t share your feelings heart to heart.

But also remember, don’t criticise the other person for being a Grape.I hope you learn to appreciate others individuality by accepting yours first and hang out with like minded people consciously. Its ok to let go some people who were never like us at first place.

They contributed in their own ways and you did too. Now its time for you to find your people. Your Top 5 who will be with you, pull you up or may be sit and enjoy with you in your lows. Pick your Top 5 and let go others.Accept yourself to accept others as it is.

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