My Story of Drawing Boundaries

Are you Mad at somebody because they crossed their Boundaries or are you mad at yourself for not setting boundaries?

In a culture where saying “No” is considered a taboo and fear of being absconded, isolated or left alone overcomes, such an important aspect of life remains unaddressed. And often we feel people take our Time, energy and money for granted as if everything was up for grabs.

To tell you honestly, almost 9 out of 10 people understand your point when you set your boundaries. Boundaries which measure your time, your energy and your Potential. Beyond your boundaries no body can ever think of getting things done, if you make sure to communicate to them in crystal clear words.

I will share my experience. When my kids were small, our morning used to be very busy. Sometimes my husband used to leave for office without having breakfast. For him Punctuality was utmost important as a Value and for me Health was of utmost importance. So, I started forcing him to have breakfast even if it was late to office. Slowly and slowly our mornings started to be unpleasant.

One day my husband sat me down and told me that – Look I really don’t appreciate you forcing me for breakfast especially when I am late to office. I respected the boundary he had set, and so from next day onwards I stopped telling him to have breakfast. Surprisingly things happened in such a way that he himself started taking some time out before going to office and became disciplined to finish his breakfast before he reached office. Now children were also taken care of early morning and meals became more happy.

The reason behind sharing this is because, you must know where to draw a line. What your boundaries are and what are the boundaries for others. Nobody in this world, no matter how close they are to you, have no right to cross your boundaries. Do not give this right to anybody who demeans you and put you down. Let no one take you or your time, energy and potential for granted. Let there be freedom of voice and freedom of choice. Let there be light and let the light guide you in right direction

Viddya Ragotra

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