Love means Serving, Serving means Love

When we are in love with a person, we wish to give that person something unique.Some people show love by showering gifts, while some people shower love through words. Some people show love through touch while some people show love by hearing and giving time. In each of above case, lover is serving the other person.

A king serves his subjects by serving the subjects. Doctors serve patients. Every family member serves every other family member in some or the other way. Thus, serving is imperative where there is love.Now, this brings us to awareness that the onus lies on us to identify how the other people are serving us in various ways.

Even those in the family who seem to be taking all our services including the bed ridden elderly person or a new born baby, everyone is serving us in some or the other form.Diagnose it and feel grateful for the service. Make your environment healthy and happy by changing the way you look at things.

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