Limiting belief : Honesty and Frankness makes you Vulnerable

Do you refrain from opening up to people because you feel you will be taken advantage of?

Do you feel being frank and vulnerable attracts unnecessary criticism, Judgememts of some kind?🥰

Let me tell you. All loving relationships in the world have been formed after being vulnerable. 🥳When clients are honest, frank and vulnerable with therapists and coaches, they get best results.🥳

When patient is frank and vulnerable with doctor, he is cared far better than one who refrains from being frank😍

When husband and wife share their fears, beliefs, chaos in head with partner, the relationship flourishes.👧👦

When a child becomes frank with parents he reduces uninvited troubles in his life.I can go on and on regarding honesty, frankness and vulnerability. Will that change your mind?I doubtBecause changing mind requires guidance. Guided therapies help in changing mind cautiously to avoid negative experiences. I wish you all the luck in applying this in life as it is and if you happen to apply it on wrong person, then I want you to go and apply it on person you trust the most. Can be parents or siblings. That’s it. Do there and see strength of bond increasing.

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