Like people Like each other

Like People Like Each Other

When some of the things match, people tend to like each other.

E.g people who like dressing up, might like people who also like dressing upPeople who like to be a good speaker might like people who are good speakerAlthough these are superficial things for liking, deeper likings deepen when people start liking each other because of their values and beliefs matching.Identify people who share your limiting beliefs and stay away from them, while identify people who share victory beliefs are the ones for keep sake.And if you wanna help people get over their limiting beliefs, then be the one to share your old beliefs and tell them how change of belief helped you. This way you are the one writing their new story.

Challenge your limiting beliefs first, grow and then associate with people who share your old belief.Sometimes being with our kind of people is the reason for us to stay where we have been all the while.Make your choices wisely. Like people like each other. Find commonalities between you and the Risk takers, action takers and associate with them to avoid Procrastination. Temporarily detach yourself from people like you who share your trait of struggles through daily limiting habits and then get back to them with your realizations to uplift them as well.This way your morals, ethics, values are in place.

You help yourself and help others as wellSounds good?

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