How to connect subconsciously

Connecting with people has been a curious topic since the beginning of mankind. People have always struggled to communicate their wants and needs to people who they don’t know much personally. In cases like a newly wed bride who needs to make connection with in laws, or a Son who wants to recreate connection with father and vice versa, a businessman who wants to connect with client and put his proposal in front of him, it becomes difficult to open up because these things take time.Certain things when left to time postpones our quality of life. The contentment that one wants to live in becomes hazy.In such cases subconscious connectivity helps. In this video I explain how you can connect with people without them coming to know that you are doing it.

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  1. Carolyn Smith-Keune

    Hi there, how do we access the video you mentioned in how to connect subconsciously? I can’t see a link on my iphone.

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