How to Build Trust

People seem to have issue with trusting others. Some people seem to have issues with people who are not related by blood. Some people have trust issues with friends.

The only common thing in above lines is Trust issues. It really doesn’t matter on whom you can trust and whom you cannot. Its really not about other people. Its about you.

We tend to distrust others when we don’t want to speak the truth, or admit our mistakes or take ownership of our actions, and we tend to break promises.

We also don’t trust others when we constantly doubt their intentions based on our experience with others, We over react to situations and circumstances in our own head and we tend to tell a different story to ourselves which might be far far away from what actually happened.

Thus, here are some do’s and don’t to rebuild the trust that you have lost in your loved ones.These are few among the many. Every person has his own map of the world and every person has a new strategy. Secret is in figuring out our own strategy.

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