Story of a Saint

Once there was a saint who was going across a village and villagers started pelting stones at him

They started calling hime names and abusing himThe saint aftrr gitting hit and abused, said – “Can you hit me later after I finish mybwork in next village. I need to go for for some spiritual work in neighbouring village. Once its over i will come and then you can continue hitting me”

Villagers were shocked to see his patience and tolerance and asked him How did he manage to not get disturbed in sucha disturbing situation.Saint said – Because I have worked on myself for past 10 years.This is the power of investing in self.Everybody goes through deteriorating emotions, negative emotions. Only few people choose to work towards it. Some choose to talk about problem and do nothing to find solution. Its 2021, and therapies and counseling and lifecoaching are available at a calls distance.

Your past, present and future can be worked upon very quickly. Every battle can be won. Be it internal or external Successful People acknowledge they are in problem or are stuck and take steps, seek help, invest in themselves and come out of the problem. They are the ones who work through it, walk through it and reach the other end of the tunnel.Who do you want be?

One of the Villagers who fell for their emotions or one of the Saint who worked on himself and won over thousands of villagers. Decision is always going to be yours!!

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