Dreams don’t work unless You Do

A lot has been spoken about Dream Big. All wishes come true when you dream big.Well, honestly I have not seen a single person becoming successful just by dreaming big and not working towards it. Even the ones who are born with all opulence also work towards maintaining whatever they have.

Dreaming is good, extremely good when the dream is broken down into a realistic step-by-step daily plan. Setting 3 small goals per day is what makes dreams come true.Having a big dream, visualizing it, feeling it from the bottom of the heart is what the law of attraction says. Well, nobody understands one thing and that is, our brain gets wired to work towards our dream while we Visualize the outcome.ELse everybody in the world would have been successful.

As per Earl Nightingale why only 5% of people become successful in their endeavors and why do 95% appear to be struggling all their lives?The only reason being, Dreams are not followed enough with conviction. The image of a dream is not contemplated enough and broken down into small chunks of goals.When it comes to relationships if action is not taken to correct it, then just dreaming for a successful relationship doesn’t work.

Imagine a couple going through a rough phase in life and one of them saying, I dream of having a perfect marriage one day with my spouse, and then goes ahead and uses words like “Always” and “never” while communicating with a spouse.

Do you think the communication will go down well with the spouse and the relationship will ever improve? even if they are dreaming of it?Is it not logical enough to know that a broken arm needs to be fixed and so do broken relationships for a better living environment. And dreaming for things to happen on their own doesn’t really work.

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