My Story

Mother of 2 kids, a Loving Wife, A Software Engineer with Successful Career in Companies like Infosys, Techmahindra, turned NLP Master Practitioner, Counsellor, Therapist and a Life Coach sheerly out of Compassion for Human beings, A Philanthropist turned Entrepreneur – Founder of Parivvartan Transforming Lives Now working a Chief Relationship Coach for Women.

I was once struck with a bolting light when I lost my career to Institution named Marriage. I came down from Peak of Success to a very comfortable life with most loving husband and two beautiful children who love me so much and still I felt I was lacking something in life.

In spite of having ample of people around taking care of every single thing of household, a loving family, loving in laws and kids and happening social life full of Parties, I was not happy because I wanted to carve a niche for myself. I was tired of being called Mrs. Kumar. Every morning I woke up with a sense of No Purpose in my life apart from taking care of my Kids

I once walked up to my husband and said, I don’t think this is working anymore and he said to me, Go wherever you want, I will support you. With 1 year old baby and 3 year old toddler in Hand and my husband supporting me, I set out on Journey of Learning and getting myself Coached.

With Dreams in my eyes for myself, I realized my real passion was not to make myself happy but my vision was something else. I wanted to work for people and help them not face the things that I had faced in my life. So I decided to work for women exclusively who lovingly fall prey to Society’s system of making you feel guilty for pursuing your dreams.

I decided to help women who had all the talent, skills and qualification to make it to the top and were not doing so because they had lost touch with themselves. I am here to connect you with yourself. I am here to help you know yourself and uncover the hidden secrets in your subconscious mind. I want you to experience the power within you and how you deserve to be happy and wake up with full enthusiasm towards life.

In 2011 I launched Parivvartan Transforming Lives. I had my own office and I started providing employment to initially 2 people and slowly it grew to more than 15. Now we team of 15 work towards empowering women in dealing with their scars and make them winner by never looking back. I am Living my Vision today. I found my Purpose and I am following my purpose of bringing positive change in society. I truly believe Women have the Power of bringing Positivity in the world. I want every woman out their, educated or not to live her dreams, to provide for herself and regain her lost confidence, Identity and Self Respect.

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